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We remove all type of Swimming Pools

  • Poured concrete pools
  • Vinyl lined steel wall pools
  • Fiberglass pools
  • Vinyl lined wood wall pools
  • Custom boulder & rock pools

All of our Equipment is Designed for use on Residential Properties


Tucson Pool Demolition and Removal

Want to see what kinds of Pool Demolition options you have? AZ Pool Busters will help you get an accurate price and cost estimate for your swimming pool removal. AZ Pool Busters provides affordable swimming pool demolition or removal in the Tucson area.

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  • A growing number of people across Tucson have decided to do away with their backyard pools, choosing to replace them with putting greens, patios, artificial turf or drought-tolerant plants, known as xeriscaping.

    Many pools have outlived their use and have become very expensive to keep up. Average costs for water, utilities and upkeep can be several hundred dollars a month or more.

    It's unbelievable how much water is needed to keep a pool filled. Some calculations estimate many pools in Tucson can lose 1000 gallons a month in water due to evaporation.

    Demolition permits are required in cities and unincorporated parts of the county, but some officials worry that pools are being filled in without meeting the safety standards imposed by the permits. Need Help getting a pool demolition permit in Tucson?

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  • Some jobs are easy and some jobs are a headache for the AZ Pool Busters crews. It all depends on access for equipment. If we can easily maneuver a small tractor into a backyard, the job is a breeze. The little machine can break apart the coping, tear down the top two feet of the sidewalls and use an attached jackhammer to break holes in the bottom of the pool. The depression is then filled with dirt.

    But if the backyard is too tight of a squeeze, the work has to be done by hand, meaning much more time to employ a manual jackhammer and wheelbarrows to cart in the fill dirt. It can become labor intensive in some cases.

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  • Some of the common reasons to have your pool removed are:

    • Cost of Maintaining
    • Structural failure
    • Pool has outlived its purpose
    • The pool turns off potential buyers
    • Reducing your liability
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  • Pool Demolition Overview

    Arrive at the site and get
    access for our machinery.

    Begining the Pool
    Demolition Process

    Removing the Top of
    the Pool Wall

    Starting Demolition of the
    Cool Deck

    Filling with Top Soil

    After Compacting and Grading

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