Pool Demolition Costs and Savings

Removing a Pool Can Result In Savings on Taxes and Insurance


How much will it cost to have my pool removed?

Like most construction work, the cost of each project can vary quite a bit. There are a lot of factors involved in determining the price. A few of the more important factors are:

  • Size of the pool
  • Type of construction (concrete, fiberglass, above or below ground)
  • How much space there is for getting large equipment into the area where the pool is
  • Location of the pool, which affects things like:
    • local ordinances (such as alley access, permits)
    • proximity to concrete recycling plants and fill dirt providers
  • Amount of decking, plumbing, fencing, etc. that needs to be removed

Don't worry, we will figure all this out for you when we prepare a bid. Most pools cost between $6000 and $10,000 to remove. Smaller pools with easy access are sometimes below that range, while large pools with difficult access or other issues can sometimes be higher.

We'd happy to stop by and prepare a bid, as long as you are the current homeowner. Please use our Request a Quote form to send us the information we need.

Want to save money on property taxes?

Who doesn’t? If that pool that your family begged you to put in has sat unused it is hurting your wallet. There are not many home improvement projects that can reduce your taxes, but removing your pool can save you serious cash.

The costs of owning a pool has skyrocketed in recent years. It is estimated that a pool costs and additional $3,500 every year in taxes, chemicals and winterization costs. IN just two years, you can recover the cost of removing your in-ground pool and you will never have to spend money on pool chemicals again!

Demolitioning or removing your pool reduces the overall taxable property value on your home, saving you serious cash come tax season. That’s not even taking in to account the expensive chemicals, fencing and winterization materials that you no longer have to buy.

Remove your pool, reduce your property taxes…..Ask us how!

Arizona Pool Busters has over two decades of pool removal experience. With our extensive knowledge and expertise we are able to provide the best pool removal serivces in Tucson.

We are fully-licensed demolition contractor in Arizona.