Pool Demolition Faq's

Find out about pool removal in Southern Arizona


1. What does it cost to complete a pool demolition project at my house?

You can generally assume $6,000 to $9,000 for your standard pool demolition project. This price assumes good access for larger equipment (Bobcat 220 as an example), no required compaction report, and excludes pool deck removal. If access is tight, a compaction report is required, or you have a very larger or deep pool or a large concrete pool deck to be removed, you can safely add $2,500 to $4,000 to that price. However, most pools from our experience will fall into the “standard” category.

2. Does Arizona Pool Busters handle the city permitting process?

Yes, our offer is a “turnkey” offer, meaning we take care of everything, including permitting. On most projects, we prepare the site plan, permit application, pay the permit fees, and provide all necessary information for the city to issue a pool demolition permit. Some cities issue a grading permit instead, or in addition to the pool demolition permit. Finally, we will manage the entire inspection process. In some cases, cities require minor upgrades to your home, on items such as updated smoke detectors. We will coordinate the inspection for this, although we don’t install items in your home. We like to stay outside in your backyard doing demolition!!

3. Where does Arizona Pool Busters source their dirt?

We have relationships with a number of highly reputable grading and excavation contractors throughout Southern Arizona. In every case, we know the source and location of the soils, and we inspect and sign off on every load that is received on our job sites. We regularly reject soil deliveries, due to imperfections in the dirt, i.e. too much organic materials, too much clay content, or too many rocks or concrete material. We always request and receive high quality dirt from our suppliers.

4. Are there different types of pool demolition methods?

Yes, generally there are two types: “Uncertified” and “Certified”. Uncertified is the more common and cost effective demolition type, where we break holes in the bottom of the pool for drainage, break the top edge of the pool shell (the “bond beam”) down 18-24 inches below grade, and back fill the pool with dirt at a 90% or above compaction ratio. The Certified demolition process is where the entire concrete pool shell is removed offsite and then the remaining area is back filled to a 90% compaction ratio. Certified demolition is about double the cost in both time and dollars, and would only be needed if you wanted to build a permitted structure on that area in the future.

5. Can Arizona Pool Busters provide demolition on fiberglass pools

Yes, we can. We are well versed in removal of pool types other than concrete.

6. How long does it take to complete a pool demolition project on average?

Generally, you would be safe to assume a 4-6 working day schedule, or about 1 week’s working time. For us, there is one day of preparation ahead of a demolition start, where we take care of such things as the permit issuance, draining the pool, delivery of equipment, and other pre-demolition activities. As well, at the end of the project, we may take 1 additional day for clean up, repairs, completing our Project Close Out Checklist, and most importantly walking the site with the client and preparing the Punchlist for project completion.

7. Does Arizona Pool Busters provide pool demolition services for apartment and multi-family owners?

Yes we do. In fact, we are multi-family owners ourselves, and have been so since 1960. We understand what it means to work in the environment of rental housing and rental tenants, and we are really good at coordinating schedules for production to work with owners and tenants. We understand very well what it means to be an apartment owner, and we can be an offer of help in the management and delivery of the cost saving and liability reduction move of pool demolition in your apartment community.

8. Does Arizona Pool Busters provide pool demolition services for condo communities and HOA’s?

Yes we do.

9. How does the price of pool demolition compare to rehabbing or upgrading our pool?

From the many conversations we’ve had with past clients, generally most pool rehab and upgrades cost estimates are coming in around $10,000 to $25,000. In many cases, we have clients that had upgrade/rehab work done, and the fundamental issues related to the repairs (like leaks in the pool) were not fixed. They end up calling us to take out their pool anyways. So basically, they paid twice.

10. What kind of utility and insurance savings will I achieve if I have Arizona Pool Busters complete pool demolition at my property?

You can expect to save on the following items when you have Arizona Pool Busters remove your pool:

  1. Reduced Property Taxes
  2. Insurance costs through reduced liability, call your insurance broker and ask them about reduced insurance costs.
  3. Maintenance costs, through the elimination of the need for a pool maintenance company, elimination of purchase of pool chemicals and replacement equipment.
  4. Utility costs, through the elimination of use of electricity to run the pump, reduction of gas use by removing the heater, and reduction of water costs through the elimination of one of the largest water using appliance in your house, your swimming pool.
  5. Long term maintenance costs and repairs. The average life span of a pool is 20-25 years. One way or the other, pool repair is in your future. Pool demolition is the only option that removes this cost from your future permanently.

Generally from conversations with our past clients, you can expect to save around $1,500 to 2,500 per year. This means you recover the cost of the pool demolition in around 3-4 years, and the best thing: the costs stop after that. No more pool, no more costs, simple as that.

11. Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes. Our Contractors State License Number is ROC 276125 Class KB-2.

18. Should I just pick the lowest price contractor?

Here’s how we organize regarding this decision process: We encourage all our potential clients to do their research, investigate the market, and make an informed decision on which subcontractor does their work. Having someone come and take over your house for a week and make a major change to that environment is a really big deal and big decision. But, we find that most people make a decision on lowest price, basically because they don’t trust any of the subcontractors who are bidding their pool demolition. Picking the lowest price just becomes the easy way to make the decision when lacking any other criteria like trust. So we think the better decision is:

Who is worth of your trust?

Who is on time to meetings and phone calls?

Who is the sub that returns your phone calls and who communicates constantly about your project?

Who is the only sub in the market to back their work with a 5-year guarantee?

These are what Arizona Pool Busters was designed to do well. Give us a call for your pool demolition project (520) 906-4079.